What the politico's don't know.

Trump may be a man whose time has come. No matter what he has been in the past, Trump will not be type cast. Trump has a dynamic self image that will allow him to be what ever he needs to be, to achieve the success that he believes he can achieve.

I don't expect that Trump will pull a Perot and drop out of the race, at least not while there is a chance he could be our next President. The Presidency is the only job that might top being “The Donald” and it may very well be a step down. Yet there is this thing called Glory, that many famous people relish more than money or houses or power.

The Donald has had the success that many in business and finance seek and never find, but in the final analysis he has been a mere huckster. Lets make a deal, the Monte Hall of the big bucks.

U.S. Grant, who would had been a minor figure in the history of the world had not Lincoln pulled him from obscurity and gave him command, proved himself to be a great leader and with his actions went on to great heights. Trump is at that cross road. He can be the next President, if he is made of greater stuff.

Donald Trump has something that many in politics do not understand. It is the ear of the mob or the crowd. The disaffected masses. Especially on the Republican side, but also among the traditional left. There are many southern democrats left in this country and many more non Republican so called Reagan democrats that are sick of the moral decay and the loss of union jobs and jobs in general. There are a great many of both sides of the political spectrum that see our country disintegrating before their very eyes and want it stopped.

I think it is readily apparent that the current crew in Washington will do nothing to risk their cushy jobs and power until trust through with a pitch fork.

Trump can win. Whether that is a good thing I don't know, but I don't see how he could do much worse.


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