Social Insecurity

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We live in a fraudulent society. 
Our money system is based upon smoke, mirrors, and an inexhaustible printing press.
The Central Banks loan money to client banks at zero percent interest or less. This gives these banks the illusion of liquidity so that the banking system can creates more money out of thin air by entering a number in a ledger.The saver gains nothing for his savings, except inflation.

In the US, bonds are sold illegally, directly to the FED, via intermediaries who game the system generating profits without risk, the debt piling deeper and deeper on an unwitting public who are allegedly responsible for the interest and the principle.

Real assets, such as commodities, machinery, and real money (gold and silver), are manipulated in the marketplace by speculators who keep the profits and are bailed out of their losses by complicit governments. Instead of grain, bullets are often doled out at bread lines.  When the dollar falls in value, poor children starve.

The right blames the left and the left blames the corporations and the fat cats.  Both have their own corporations and fat cats they support.  The business of America is getting reelected! The big corporations play both sides against the middle.  Guess who is in the middle?

The press is owned by the highest bidder, mostly by the left, but even the right color their reports to meet their agenda.  Fair and balanced?  I think not.

Lies fill the public discourse and not one in a hundred knows the truth, let alone speaks it.

We live in a violent society. 
If there were as many murders committed on our streets as there are on our video games and television sets, there would be a revolution tonight.

Television is full of propaganda.  If the real police and doctors were as effective as the ones on TV, we would live in Utopia.  The main purpose of these programs is to lull the masses into complacency; shape their viewpoint to the vision of the producers, and prepare the masses for the emerging police state.  It does not matter if the voice is right, center, or leftist, they just support different strongmen.

We have a multitude of quasi-nationalist police forces that are funded by federal grants in many venues.  Originally, it was the war on drugs, but now we have homeland security, FEMA, and an alphabet soup of armed federal, state and local agencies.  Corrupt federal, state, and local governments carrying out mandates from an Imperial oligarchy of regulators, council members, and other appointed or semi-elected commissars are systematically robbing us blind. 
The reason we need two wage earners in a family is a direct result of the onerous taxes we must pay, which in many places is greater than fifty percent of what we earn. If the wage earner could keep his earnings, then the state would not need to rear our children.

We live in a repressed society.

The school says we are not to be bullies, yet there are no real consequences for being a bully.  The state protects the bully.  The zero policy against bulling only applies to the ones who fight back.  We must respect each other we are told, yet there is no basis for this respect. 

There must be no winners, yet in real life, there are winners.  Do we respect the winners or make unsubstantiated charges against them?

Our election system is rigged.  When the people call for change, the faces may change but the policies do not, not only continued, but expanded.  Both sides use the public money to payoff their supporters.  No one wants to upset the system because they are afraid of what they will lose.

When the people have had enough they rebel. Highly trained and well-equipped riot police meet them on the streets.  The media reports as instructed.  More repression is accrued. Society devolves even more.

In the end we lose our freedom, our wealth, our security and our lives.


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