Doublespeak, again.

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I love the way people will say anything, no matter how preposterous it might be on face value, then repeat it until it becomes a fact.

I am speaking today on the recent headline “President Obama wants more competition amongst broadband providers.”  This sounds good.  More competition is always good, unless you are trying to compete with the government.  Government by its very nature is the enemy of competition.

Commie-Dante Obama seeks to redress earlier meddling in the economy, where the States and local governments protected private companies engaged in the phone and cable businesses.  These local companies are protected with licensing agreements that essentially eliminated anyone from competing with them.

In the early days of phone communications, the phone companies said the costs were prohibitive to provide phones services to remote outlaying locations.  Only by guaranteeing, the providers with exclusive areas and a long time to payback the costs of the build out could the venture be profitable.  It resulted in high costs to consumers and bad service to the public in general, with no real way forward except more of the same.

When the cable companies came along, singing the same song and government also danced to their tune.

What we are left with is a patchwork of independent and semi-independent providers that serve limited areas, have high costs, little invest-able capital, and aging equipment. 

The obvious answer is to eliminate the protective licensing agreements and open the local service areas to private competition.

This isn’t the way government does things, more government is always needed to solve the problems that government creates in the first place.  As stupid as this sounds, there are many subscribers to this line of reasoning.

Obama’s plan is to take over the internet and impose massive controls on what we hear and say.  Uh, I mean, his plan is to place the government in direct control of the internet and limit what we hear and say and to watch us closely...  uh I mean provide us with fairness and niceness throughout the fruited plain.  Plainly stated Obama is proposing MORE GOVERNMENT, MORE GOVERNMENT CONTROL, LESS FREEDOM, LESS PRIVACY, and more bureaucracy.

What we need is more freedom and less government.  This is not on anyone’s agenda in Washington or anywhere else in the government at large.


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