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The face of Furguson.

I am not a big booster of the police. I think we have too many cops, that are too well armed, who enforce to many unpopular laws, while protecting  evil people in high places and who circle the wagons when they screw up. I also know that they are absolutely necessary. I also believe they are mostly good people, trying to make the world a better place. Alas, they MUST be totally insane.

Looters running a muck in a predominantly black community, smashing windows, burning cars and destroying property would make some people believe that race relations were at an all time low in these somewhat United States. It is more of an uprising than a race riot.

In other cities around the country the looters are somewhat more diversified, judging from the news reports I have seen. However, the demographics prove it is a black phenomenon. In LA and Oakland, CA, New York and London it is more of an occupy moment, with outsiders and criminals leading the young and the stupid to foul their own nests…