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Comandante Obama

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Our fearless leader is set to spread our borders even wider.

With yet another illegal act, the Comandante Obama will liberate vast multitudes of our southern neighbors and in the process further enslave the natives of this land.
The rule of law has been fading in this country for decades. The last vestiges will soon blow away completely.

We are the natives, born here, raised here and mostly stuck here. Those with money have already fled to freer parts of globe, leaving those of us, without the ability or desire to leave our native land, here to face the impending calamity.

The Republicans will wring their hands (in front of the camera) and do nothing. This is no surprise to them. This is what they want. Cheap labor, mostly young and poor, with no concept of individual liberty. Their leaders are anti-American, anti-Christian and pro-socialist but then so is the Papa Obama.

There will be many who will come here, work and scratch out…