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Nothing changes!

Surprise Surprise

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If all things go as expected Tuesday, the Democrats will be swept out of the Senate and replaced by the Republicans, again.

Don't expect much difference.

There will be a few new pigs that wallow up to the trough. Mostly the same old swine will continue swilling the left overs of a hundred years of plunder that has bankrupted the western world.

Obama-care is here to stay; as are the 90 million new voters who will gladly vote themselves the largesse that a dwindling pool of producers can provide.

Not that your vote rally matters. It doesn't. Electoral fraud is rampant on both sides, with the election going to the party with the most watchers at the polls or the most stuffers, eh staffers, in the back rooms, "ensuring the votes are counted correctly". The party man almost always wins, just like Soviet Russia.

Most people don't even bother to register, let alone vote.They would rather sit at home…