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Ebola vaccine?

Ebola vaccine? Copyright Mickey L. Knight 2014 All Rights Reserved.
President Obama bragged today that he "hugged and kissed Ebola nurses" This would be foolhardy or ignorant considering the number of people who are dying from less intimate contact.

Maybe he isn't worried about it because he and his family have already been vaccinated against Ebola.

Even given the current ineptness of the Secret Service it is hard to fathom them letting the President that close to such a deadly event.

I can't believe the man is THAT stupid. Of course, I could be wrong.

This leads me to believe that there may be a vaccine available to, shall we say, the elites.

Ebola has been around a long time.

Surely it has been weaponized by now.

You do not weaponize a substance without an antidote.

Such are the dreams of conspiracy theorists.