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The beauty of Ellis Island and the wisdom of our predecessors cannot be denied.
But then, they never had to contend with new math, political correctness or Common Core.

They quarantined every new emigrant to our shore (or most of them anyway), allowing many millions to enter this great land of ours without  a massive epidemic such as we face today.

It is well past the time to implement a national barrier to infectious diseases. We need to discourage people from going to infected areas unless they remain until they are proven disease free. New emigrants must be detained, quarantined and proven disease free before being allowed to emigrate to our country.

We need to quarantine the areas of the world that are infected, at least as much as we can to protect ourselves.

There may be a day, sooner than many could believe, when Americans are banned from traveling anywhere in the world.

Well that's one way to keep the money i…

Market timing.

Market timing! Copyright Mickey L. Knight 2014 All Rights Reserved. While nearly everyone says that the market is too big to manipulate, gas prices falling days before the election gives credence to the peanut gallery.

While it is not unusual for gas prices to fall this time of year, multiple 4%, 5%, or 6% slides could get a person thinking.

Think about this, the Fed has a unique capability to create accounts out of mere thin air, so a loss is not a real loss, except to the simpletons who save their money.  

After all, if the government were to lose a few hundred millions of other peoples money to influence an election, why wouldn't they? 

They short a market with limitless amounts of funding, which they can do it until the currency collapses. Of course, the economic consequences will be dreadful to most everyone else.

Their only concern is their own power. Our solvency, wealth and future is of little concern to the powers that be.