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Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

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Even Jimmy Carter did a better job than Obama has. 
I think the only good thing that Jimmy Carter did was bring on Paul Volcker as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Volcker raised interest rates to 20%, which brought back to our shores vasts amounts of capital and averted the collapse of the American economy.  I think Carter was TRYING to ruin the economy, much in the same way Obama has, but all in all, a lucky break for my generation.


The Federal Authorities recently announced they will be checking five American airports for Ebola, which are where previously, 94 percent of people from the infected areas of Africa, arrived to this country.
I say previously, because having made the announcement, the Fed's have ensured that people who think they might be stopped, will take alternate routes.
Also, they will be taking people's temperature, which if done incompetently, could spread the disease even faster.