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China blossoms?

China blossoms? Copyright Mickey L. Knight 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Hong Kong is demanding more freedom. After all what good is great wealth in the hands of slaves.

China stands on the brink of greatness, greatness that can be only achieved by a free people in control of their own destiny.

It was economic freedom that brought the Chinese economy to the stature it now enjoys. It is the vestiges of the planned economy that are keeping China from even greater prosperity.

It is plain to see that economic freedom and work can produce great wealth.

It further stands to reason that freedom of speech can bring forth great literature.

Freedom of thought can engender extraordinary thinking.

Freedom of movement allows the best people to where they can do the most good for themselves. Society benefits when individuals profit.

Freedom of the press can uncover the rats in the alleys and expose the good that is hidden.

But that has always been the problem with authoritarian regimes, the privileged…