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A fine job!

A fine job. Mickey L. Knight Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserve Ebola hits Dallas.  Well, duh. Obama has done it again, Instead of taking the necessary steps to protect the American people from the known risks, we have at least three major raging epidemics on America's shore.

All of this can be traced to the nonexistent border controls of the Obama regime.
First was the infection of a few thousand school kids with highly virulent TB. More recently Chikungunya has been discovered in the USA. Now, Ebola.

When it comes to matters that make people willing to accept limits on other people rights, a health epidemic is very high on the list. I am sure the Obama administration will be much more vigilant in enforcing any domestic quarantines than he was with our borders. Expect bipartisan support and cheer leading from the media. 

Panic, contrived by the powers that be, will sweep the country of our freedoms and do little to stem the tide of death at least until the infections runs their …