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Invasion 2014.

Invasion 2014.
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It is a sad day for America as a sovereign nation. It is also a day of great celebration to the one worlders and the hapless beneficiaries of Obama’s betrayal of Americans rights and freedoms.
“America is an exceptional Nation, exceptionally stupid!”
It is a great victory for the Chamber of Commerce, American exporters and the Friends Of Government who are being paid to relocate the new emigrants to secret locations though out the country.
It has been framed as a humanitarian response to save the children. There are children involved, as in the case of all refugee movements, there are women, young adults, criminal elements, solders, spies and terrorists. This is a major movement of people designed to destabilize the United States of America.
It is being paid for by the United States government. The money being used was never appropriated by Congress for the purpose.
Obama is exercising powers not granted by the …