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Time dilation and stellar rotation.

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Much as been made in popular scientific literature recently about massive binary, tertiary or multiary star systems revolving around each other at great speed[1][2], approaching relativistic velocities.
I will not attempt to discuss the mathematics as it would involve much more energy than I am willing to expend in this effort, but merely make a suggestion to a much more esteemed individual than myself, whom might inquire into this possibility.
It just occurs to me that such large bodies exhibiting such behaviors could be telling us more than is apparent using measurements based on our local spatial and temporal confines.
Dr. Einstein’s theories postulate that time/space is elastic and the speed of light is a constant ratio of the two (greatly simplified) variables. Is time universal? I think not. Are the effects local? Yes with one caveat as explained by Einstein, “it depends on your frame of reference”.

My observations are thus:…