Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom

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In what I think will be a replay of 2012 election, the Democrats will retain the Senate and the Republicans will keep the house.

It's a matter of getting out your base and the Democrats have a much bigger base than the Republicans. The Democrats will continue to rely on;  the people on government assistance, Obama's black constituency and white guilt to maintain their gridlock in DC.

To this I say, God bless America. If the Republicans win, as Mitt Romney said today, we will get Obama lite. This will mean more jobs leaving this country due to trade concessions and we will get more immigrants via immigration reform. As I've said before Obama-care is here to stay.

A people who trade liberty for security deserve neither.

Grid lock will delay the inevitable final elimination of liberties and the complete domination of local government. Nothing will stop the coming bankruptcy, collapse of the dollar and a world fiat currency.

The American people are divided as never before along racial, political, philosophical and economic interests. A house divided cannot stand.

Even America just isn't exceptional enough for that.


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