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Nothing changes!

Surprise Surprise

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If all things go as expected Tuesday, the Democrats will be swept out of the Senate and replaced by the Republicans, again.

Don't expect much difference.

There will be a few new pigs that wallow up to the trough. Mostly the same old swine will continue swilling the left overs of a hundred years of plunder that has bankrupted the western world.

Obama-care is here to stay; as are the 90 million new voters who will gladly vote themselves the largesse that a dwindling pool of producers can provide.

Not that your vote rally matters. It doesn't. Electoral fraud is rampant on both sides, with the election going to the party with the most watchers at the polls or the most stuffers, eh staffers, in the back rooms, "ensuring the votes are counted correctly". The party man almost always wins, just like Soviet Russia.

Most people don't even bother to register, let alone vote.They would rather sit at home…

Nothing new under the sun.

Nothing new under the sun. Copyright Mickey L. Knight 2014 All Rights Reserved The new pope is a friend of sinners, maybe too much so.
A recent statement from Pope Francis says the God is not afraid of change!

Here is what GOD says about change:

Ecclesiastes 1 
9The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

It appears that the Pope isn't as concerned much about what GOD says as he is about what man says.

Ebola vaccine?

Ebola vaccine? Copyright Mickey L. Knight 2014 All Rights Reserved.
President Obama bragged today that he "hugged and kissed Ebola nurses" This would be foolhardy or ignorant considering the number of people who are dying from less intimate contact.

Maybe he isn't worried about it because he and his family have already been vaccinated against Ebola.

Even given the current ineptness of the Secret Service it is hard to fathom them letting the President that close to such a deadly event.

I can't believe the man is THAT stupid. Of course, I could be wrong.

This leads me to believe that there may be a vaccine available to, shall we say, the elites.

Ebola has been around a long time.

Surely it has been weaponized by now.

You do not weaponize a substance without an antidote.

Such are the dreams of conspiracy theorists.


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The beauty of Ellis Island and the wisdom of our predecessors cannot be denied.
But then, they never had to contend with new math, political correctness or Common Core.

They quarantined every new emigrant to our shore (or most of them anyway), allowing many millions to enter this great land of ours without  a massive epidemic such as we face today.

It is well past the time to implement a national barrier to infectious diseases. We need to discourage people from going to infected areas unless they remain until they are proven disease free. New emigrants must be detained, quarantined and proven disease free before being allowed to emigrate to our country.

We need to quarantine the areas of the world that are infected, at least as much as we can to protect ourselves.

There may be a day, sooner than many could believe, when Americans are banned from traveling anywhere in the world.

Well that's one way to keep the money i…

Market timing.

Market timing! Copyright Mickey L. Knight 2014 All Rights Reserved. While nearly everyone says that the market is too big to manipulate, gas prices falling days before the election gives credence to the peanut gallery.

While it is not unusual for gas prices to fall this time of year, multiple 4%, 5%, or 6% slides could get a person thinking.

Think about this, the Fed has a unique capability to create accounts out of mere thin air, so a loss is not a real loss, except to the simpletons who save their money.  

After all, if the government were to lose a few hundred millions of other peoples money to influence an election, why wouldn't they? 

They short a market with limitless amounts of funding, which they can do it until the currency collapses. Of course, the economic consequences will be dreadful to most everyone else.

Their only concern is their own power. Our solvency, wealth and future is of little concern to the powers that be.

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

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Even Jimmy Carter did a better job than Obama has. 
I think the only good thing that Jimmy Carter did was bring on Paul Volcker as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Volcker raised interest rates to 20%, which brought back to our shores vasts amounts of capital and averted the collapse of the American economy.  I think Carter was TRYING to ruin the economy, much in the same way Obama has, but all in all, a lucky break for my generation.


The Federal Authorities recently announced they will be checking five American airports for Ebola, which are where previously, 94 percent of people from the infected areas of Africa, arrived to this country.
I say previously, because having made the announcement, the Fed's have ensured that people who think they might be stopped, will take alternate routes.
Also, they will be taking people's temperature, which if done incompetently, could spread the disease even faster.

China blossoms?

China blossoms? Copyright Mickey L. Knight 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Hong Kong is demanding more freedom. After all what good is great wealth in the hands of slaves.

China stands on the brink of greatness, greatness that can be only achieved by a free people in control of their own destiny.

It was economic freedom that brought the Chinese economy to the stature it now enjoys. It is the vestiges of the planned economy that are keeping China from even greater prosperity.

It is plain to see that economic freedom and work can produce great wealth.

It further stands to reason that freedom of speech can bring forth great literature.

Freedom of thought can engender extraordinary thinking.

Freedom of movement allows the best people to where they can do the most good for themselves. Society benefits when individuals profit.

Freedom of the press can uncover the rats in the alleys and expose the good that is hidden.

But that has always been the problem with authoritarian regimes, the privileged…