What the politico's don't know.
Trump may be a man whose time has come. No matter what he has been in the past, Trump will not be type cast. Trump has a dynamic self image that will allow him to be what ever he needs to be, to achieve the success that he believes he can achieve.
I don't expect that Trump will pull a Perot and drop out of the race, at least not while there is a chance he could be our next President. The Presidency is the only job that might top being “The Donald” and it may very well be a step down. Yet there is this thing called Glory, that many famous people relish more than money or houses or power.
The Donald has had the success that many in business and finance seek and never find, but in the final analysis he has been a mere huckster. Lets make a deal, the Monte Hall of the big bucks.
U.S. Grant, who would had been a minor figure in the history of the world had not Lincoln pulled him from obscurity and gave him command, proved himself to be a gr…

Social Insecurity

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We live in a fraudulent society. Our money system is based upon smoke, mirrors, and an inexhaustible printing press. The Central Banks loan money to client banks at zero percent interest or less. This gives these banks the illusion of liquidity so that the banking system can creates more money out of thin air by entering a number in a ledger.The saver gains nothing for his savings, except inflation.
In the US, bonds are sold illegally, directly to the FED, via intermediaries who game the system generating profits without risk, the debt piling deeper and deeper on an unwitting public who are allegedly responsible for the interest and the principle.
Real assets, such as commodities, machinery, and real money (gold and silver), are manipulated in the marketplace by speculators who keep the profits and are bailed out of their losses by complicit governments. Instead of grain, bullets are often doled out at bread lines.When the dollar fa…

Doublespeak, again.

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I love the way people will say anything, no matter how preposterous it might be on face value, then repeat it until it becomes a fact.
I am speaking today on the recent headline “President Obama wants more competition amongst broadband providers.”This sounds good.More competition is always good, unless you are trying to compete with the government.Government by its very nature is the enemy of competition.
Commie-Dante Obama seeks to redress earlier meddling in the economy, where the States and local governments protected private companies engaged in the phone and cable businesses.These local companies are protected with licensing agreements that essentially eliminated anyone from competing with them.
In the early days of phone communications, the phone companies said the costs were prohibitive to provide phones services to remote outlaying locations.Only by guaranteeing, the providers with exclusive areas and a long time to payback …

The face of Furguson.

I am not a big booster of the police. I think we have too many cops, that are too well armed, who enforce to many unpopular laws, while protecting  evil people in high places and who circle the wagons when they screw up. I also know that they are absolutely necessary. I also believe they are mostly good people, trying to make the world a better place. Alas, they MUST be totally insane.

Looters running a muck in a predominantly black community, smashing windows, burning cars and destroying property would make some people believe that race relations were at an all time low in these somewhat United States. It is more of an uprising than a race riot.

In other cities around the country the looters are somewhat more diversified, judging from the news reports I have seen. However, the demographics prove it is a black phenomenon. In LA and Oakland, CA, New York and London it is more of an occupy moment, with outsiders and criminals leading the young and the stupid to foul their own nests…

Comandante Obama

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Our fearless leader is set to spread our borders even wider.

With yet another illegal act, the Comandante Obama will liberate vast multitudes of our southern neighbors and in the process further enslave the natives of this land.
The rule of law has been fading in this country for decades. The last vestiges will soon blow away completely.

We are the natives, born here, raised here and mostly stuck here. Those with money have already fled to freer parts of globe, leaving those of us, without the ability or desire to leave our native land, here to face the impending calamity.

The Republicans will wring their hands (in front of the camera) and do nothing. This is no surprise to them. This is what they want. Cheap labor, mostly young and poor, with no concept of individual liberty. Their leaders are anti-American, anti-Christian and pro-socialist but then so is the Papa Obama.

There will be many who will come here, work and scratch out…

Decision day?

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I admit I was wrong about the out come of the election.

However, if anyone deserved to lose an election more than the Republicans it is Barack Obama and his minions.

Given no choice, many make no choice.

And don't give me that crap about if don't vote you can't complain, because free speech is right, like all other rights, that must be asserted to enjoy. Voting without choice is pretending to be free.

Playing poker with cheaters doesn't make you a gambler,  any more than voting for one group of henchmen over another, makes you a free citizen.

Government that rules by force of arms isn't a government.

Welcome to the plantation.

Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom

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In what I think will be a replay of 2012 election, the Democrats will retain the Senate and the Republicans will keep the house.

It's a matter of getting out your base and the Democrats have a much bigger base than the Republicans. The Democrats will continue to rely on;  the people on government assistance, Obama's black constituency and white guilt to maintain their gridlock in DC.

To this I say, God bless America. If the Republicans win, as Mitt Romney said today, we will get Obama lite. This will mean more jobs leaving this country due to trade concessions and we will get more immigrants via immigration reform. As I've said before Obama-care is here to stay.

A people who trade liberty for security deserve neither.

Grid lock will delay the inevitable final elimination of liberties and the complete domination of local government. Nothing will stop the coming bankruptcy, collapse of the dollar and a …